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Stop doing tasks that your computer can do for you.


Why spend a week on a task we can help you get done in an hour.


Accompany us to the future, where the impossible is made possible.


Access the ever expanding wave of technology. Improve your systems through AI.

Our Artificial Intelligence is


Hummingbird IT AI takes you beyond other AI because we invent and innovate.

Hummingbird IT invests heavily in research and development so that we are always on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence.


At Hummingbird IT we don’t just use Artificial intelligence, we understand and develop the mathematics behind Artificial Intelligence.

This allows Hummingbird IT to create smarter and more accurate artificial intelligence.


Hummingbird IT has developed a unique system of mathematics that can be deployed in our AI. This allows our AI to predict non-causal relationships just as well as causal relationships.

Artificial Intelligence based on our unique system of mathematics is better able to predict psychology, biology and human behavior.

Hummingbird IT’s unique system of mathematics allows us to take seemingly unrelated data and use it to enhance predictions.

Welcome to the future

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence improves over time by learning from experience at an exponentially faster rate than a human. This is all done automatically without changing models or re-programming. A.I. can be implemented over pre-existing systems and/or models; and is increasingly becoming a necessity in several fields such as finance, security and manufacturing.

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